Indexing and Conveying Solutions

DE-STA-CO offers a wide range of products such as many industrial automation equipment for your automation applications.

DE-STA-CO Automation Solutions Video Demo

DE-STA-CO Automation Solutions Video Demo

Rotary Indexers


  • CAMCO Index Drives for precision, zero backlash and flexible indexing applications.  With shaft or flange outputs and a wide range of motions, there is a CAMCO Index Drive for every application
  • Servo-Mechanical Drives for precise control and flexibility.


Parts Handlers

Keeping parts moving in every direction is all in a day's work for CAMCO Parts Handlers. Whether the application is linear or rotary, CAMCO Parts Handlers work to get the job done.

CAMCO Custom Cams

CAMCO's Custom Cam design and manufacturing services serve as an economical alternative to "in house" cam design, engineering and manufacturing.  Backed by over 50 years of experience, we offer cams in a comprehensive range of configurations, tolerances, and materials.

Rotary Indexing
  • CAMCO Index Drives
  • Servo-Mechanical Drives
Rite-Link Conveyors
  • Camco Precision Link Conveyors
  • Modular Belt Conveyors
Parts Handlers
  • Rotary Parts Handlers
  • Linear Parts Handlers
CAMCO Custom Cam

CAMCO Custom Cam design and manufacturing services



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