Indexing & Conveying Solutions

indexing and conveying solutionsFor more than 50 years, CAMCO global products have been the industry standard for the highest quality cam-actuated motion control products available. In 2007, CAMCO joined DESTACO's growing portfolio of products, broading DESTACO's capabilities to offer complete automation solutions for any application or industry.

DESTACO manufactures a wide range of motion control products including:

  • Conveyors - Precision mechanical products that transports materials, packages, or items being assembled from one place to another.
  • Parts Handlers - Precise parts handling and pick-and-place capabilities for automated system applications.
  • Rotary Indexers - Rotary motion equipment and products assist with device indexing. Indexing is the starting and stopping of a device in precise intervals at precise locations.
  • CAMCO Custom Cams - Manufactured precision custom cams ranging in unique ranges of configurations, tolerances, and materials.
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