CAMCOMotion Control Products & Equipment

For more than 50 years, CAMCO products have been the industry standard for the highest quality cam-actuated motion control products available. DE-STA-CO manufactures a wide range of CAMCO motion control products including:

  • CAMCO IndexerIndexing drives (index tables) range from the larger E-Series index drives which can rotate several tons of automotive body parts in seconds to smaller parallel and roller gear index drives which can accurately index pharmaceutical or electronic components in milliseconds.
  • Linear and Rotary Parts Handlers (Pick and Place) provide two axes of precision motion for parts handling applications. Combine CAMCO parts handlers with our Precision Link conveyors for a complete parts handling system.
  • CAMCO Indexer Dial ApplicationPrecision Link Conveyors provide precision positioning for linear transfer applications.  The three types of conveyors, modular, heavy-duty, or the slim Rite-Link, come in either over-under or carousel configurations. Combine with CAMCO parts handlers for a complete parts handling system.
  • Servo-Mechanical Drives, including the RSD Rotary Servo Drive, provide zero-backlash speed reduction combined with a large flanged output and through hole for use with industry standard servo motors.
  • Torq/Gard Overload Clutches provide overload protection with single position reset.
  • Custom Cams designed and manufactured specifically for your application with CAMCO expertise.

CAMCO Conveyor

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