Robohand Compliance Devices
Robotic Tooling Alignment Equipment

Robohand Compliance Devices are robotic tooling alignment equipment. These compliance devices are excellent for insertion applications where parts are misaligned or skewed, or to compensate for part placing inaccuracies, reducing jamming of mating parts.

Robohand Compliance Devices are available in three types:

  • The Compliance Wrist has compliance in torsion, bending and lateral direction.
  • The Lateral Compliance Device compensates for lateral misalignment.
  • The Cylindrical Horizontal Compliance Device compensates for horizontal misalignment.

The lateral and cylindrical devices are recommended for the vertical axis only.

NOTE: You can find out more about downloading DE-STA-CO CAD drawings here

CH - Horizontal Compliance Device
CH - Horizontal Compliance Device

Range horizontal compliance including five models. The CH series allow to compensate horizontal misalignment.

  • Stroke range from 6 to 24mm
  • Options : spring safety (RA ou RL), probe (T), interface (I), Viton seals (V)
Part Number CAD PayloadMisalignmentWeight
CH-110P - Configure CAD (external) Configure CAD here 14 kg
30.86 lbs
13 mm
0.512 in
2.1 kg
4.63 lbs
CH-140P - Configure CAD (external) Configure CAD here 30 kg
66.14 lbs
16 mm
0.63 in
4.31 kg
9.5 lbs
CH-165P - Configure CAD (external) Configure CAD here 40 kg
88.18 lbs
24 mm
0.945 in
8.7 kg
19.18 lbs
CH-50P - Configure CAD (external) Configure CAD here 2 kg
4.41 lbs
6 mm
0.236 in
0.195 kg
0.43 lbs
CH-80P - Configure CAD (external) Configure CAD here 8 kg
17.64 lbs
10 mm
0.394 in
0.75 kg
1.65 lbs
CV - Vertical Compliance Device
CV - Vertical Compliance Device

Range vertical compliance including three models. The Cv series allow to compensate vertical misalignment.

  • Stroke range from 8 to 16mm
  • Options : integrated inductive sensor (K), Viton seals (V)
Part Number CAD PayloadMisalignmentAxial Force
CV-110 13 kg
28.66 lbs
12 mm
0.472 in
1284 N
288.6 lbsf
CV-140 20 kg
44.09 lbs
16 mm
0.63 in
2800 N
629.5 lbsf
CV-80 5 kg
11.02 lbs
8 mm
0.315 in
700 N
157.4 lbsf
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