DE-STA-CO End Effector Tooling

End effectors, also known as End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT), are devices that are attached to end of a robotic arm. They are designed and used to act as robot wrists that interact with the environment. DE-STA-CO End Effector Tooling provides complete part handling and application solutions for every stage of manufacturing.

  • Fully Customizable: Allows for unlimited configuration possibilities utilizing vacuum cups,   magnets, clamps or grippers.
  • Flexible Mounting: Systems allow for both end and mid-frame mounting for interfacing with   the robot.
  • Manual or Automatic Tool Change: Permanently mount your tooling to any robot or choose from either manual or automatic tool change. Quick-connect electric and air ports allow for fast tool change with minimal downtime.

Robotic Tooling: Palletizing Straw Bales Demo

Robotic Tooling Palletizing Straw Bales Demo Video

DE-STA-CO uses ARV-Auto Release Venturi, vacuum cups, and round tooling to stack this pallet of straw bale. DE-STA-CO offers complete Material and Parts handling solutions "Beyond the Wrist" for nearly any applications and industry around the world.

  • Full range of vacuum cups
  • Single-line venturi generators
  • Cup Mounts
  • Manifolds
Round Tooling
  • Economic modular tooling
  • Light to medium applications
  • Reduced changeover times
Lightweight Tooling
Lightweight Modular End Effector Tooling for high-speed transfer production lines
BodyBuilder End Effectors
Modular End Effector system with octagonal boom structure for mechanical handling and pedestal welding applications.
SpiderGrip End Effectors
Precision End Effector system for mechanical handling, pedestal welding and geometry welding.
Tool Changers
  • Automatic or Manual
  • High repeatability and capacity
  • Quick change tooling
DESTACO Bag Gripper
End-of-the-line tooling for complete pick & place and palletizing solutions
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