Remote Handling Equipment

DESTACO's Central Research Laboratories (CRL) manipulation and transfer equipment, and remote handling equipment, allow human operators to safely perform dexterous maneuvers in hazardous or sterile environments.   Since 1945, DESTACO's CRL has developed a variety of technologies for the safe and efficient handling of materials where the human operator cannot have direct contact with the material. These technologies are employed in products that enable the user to process materials with confidence, assured that the operator and/or the product being processed is properly contained and protected at all times.


 Services Include:

Primary Markets :

  • Engineering assistance to ensure proper layout, installation, and operation
  • On-site installation support
  • On-site field service (repair and maintenance) of all CRL equipment
  • Factory repair and refurbishing
  • Complete spare parts availability
  • On-site or factory training on equipment maintenance and operation
  • Technical support for the life of your equipment
  • Pharmaceutical: the manufacture of pharmaceuticals in  
    sterile isolators and containment gloveboxes
  • Bio-containment: the creation and testing of medicines
    and the handling of materials and organisms associated with extreme biotoxins
  • Radiopharmaceutical: dosage preparation and verification
    of isotopes in hot cells for medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Nuclear: fuel research and development, fuel reprocessing,
    and nuclear waste processing and packaging.
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