Gripping Solutions by Robohand

Since 1980 with the release of its patented series of parallel grippers, the Robohand brand name has come to represent the best in innovation, quality and reliability.

Offering a vast range of products and solutions, Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications.

ROBOHAND in Action
Ford Powertrain Globally Approved

ROBOHAND in Action - Ford Powertrain Globally Approved

Gripping Solutions Include:

Angular Jaws
  • 2-Jaw or 3-Jaw
  • Parallel or Angular Jaws
Easy-to-use electric grippers

Easy-to-use electric grippers

G100 Grippers
Low-maintenance, shielded pneumatic gripper for machine builders and OEMs
Sheet Metal Grippers

Lightweight grippers for high-speed press transfer

Base Slides
  • Base Slides
  • Thruster Slides
  • Feed Escapements
Flange or shaft outputs
  • Flange or shaft outputs
  • Accommodates a range of payloads
  • DirectConnect for easy integration

DE-STA-CO Automation ExpressDE-STA-CO Automation Express
Rapid Delivery in North America for Robohand and Camco Automation Products

For almost 100 years, DE-STA-CO has been delivering value. Now we deliver the DE-STA-CO quality and dependability value even faster with our Robohand and Camco Brand products. Visit our Automation Express page for more information.

Need a Unique Solution?

The industry's most experienced application engineering team is here to help you. DE-STA-CO application engineering services continues to develop unique automation solutions for unique applications. Our ability to leverage our global resources to deliver new innovations is what differentiates DE-STA-CO from other vendors. Designed with experience, manufactured to your specifications and delivered with quality is what you can expect from DE-STA-CO.

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