52H-3E Series Manual Power Clamp

One World. One Clamp. Your Way.

DESTACO's new 52H-3E Series of manual power clamps provides automotive and sheet metal processing customers with superior holding power in a versatile, user-friendly and low-maintenance package. The 52H-3E Series is built to withstand the harshest of manufacturing environments and deliver superior clamping power.




  • Two clamp sizes available: 50mm and 63mm
  • Hand lever can be mounted left or right side of body
  • Interchangeable with pneumatic clamp 82M-3E
  • Wide range of clamping arm variants
  • Multiple mounting surfaces provide greater flexibility
  • Opening angle (nearly stepless) adjusts 5°-135°
  • Conform to NAAMS and Euro mounting standards
  • Inductive sensing module with LED display
  • Compact, enclosed aluminium body
  • Toggle action mechanism with locking unit for open position
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