55 Gallon Waste Transfer System

DESTACO's CRL 55 Gallon Waste Transfer System offers a safe and efficient 'bagless' means of transferring hazardous or toxic materials into and out of contained areas. This patent pending system has been engineered to allow rapid and repeatable transfers without breaking cell containment.


  • Automated port door and drum liner docking assemblies
  • Alignment sensors to indicate when drum is engaged and fully docked
  • Polyethylene drum liner capable of multiple filling cycles
  • No extra alignment tools or hoists needed for drum docking or door opening
  • Actuator motors, electrical components and critical maintenance items located on "cold side" of cell
  • Inside cell components constructed from stainless steel or anodized aluminum
  • Proximity sensors to indicate when port door is open and when funnel is engaged
  • Touch screen control with built in port door safety interlocks




Operating Sequence:

Step 1: Alignment Ring centers the 55 Gallon
Drum automatically as it is raised for docking.

Step 2: Drum Liner Lugs are then simultaneously
rotated into place.

Step 3: Drum Liner Lugs must be fully engaged to
enable Interlock Sensors prior to completion of docking.

Step 4: Drum Liner Docking Assembly rotates as it
sequentially locks the Drum Liner to the Docking Assembly
and transfers the Drum Cover to the Port Door. Port Door is
then opened and drum is ready for use.

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