84N Press Room Gripper

Speed Matters

The 84N Series Sheet Metal Gripper (PDF guide) accelerates your stamping press operations by producing more stamped parts per hour with higher efficiency while reducing moment loads and overall system wear and tear. Contact our experts to share your application details, then they will pair you with the right Destaco solution!


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60% Lighter - (0.27kg vs 0.56kg)

12% Smaller footprint

60% faster actuation - (33ms vs 50ms)

100% DESTACO innovation



  • Lightweight: Reduce moment loading and wear-and-tear on equipment with our 0.27 kg lightweight gripper
  • Ultra-Fast: Increase productivity and operate faster with a 33 ms actuation time
  • Powerful Grip: Hold on tightly to a variety of press transfer parts with 1000 N of grip force at 5 bar
  • Compact: Small gripper foot print ideal for constrained space requirements
  • Zero Protrusion:  No die alterations required—top jaw mechanism does not protrude through bottom of gripper
  • Broad selection of accessories including tips, sensors, sheet stops, mounts, and a one-step easy tip adjustment tool
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