98W Series Electric Pivot Unit

Rotate. Pivot. Position.

The DESTACO 98W Series Electric Pivot Unit provides constant torque, multiple positions and programmable stop positions in a compact design.






  • One size replaces four sizes of pneumatic pivot units. Interchangeable with common pneumatic pivot units with 125, 160, and 200 mm cylinder
  • Compatible with multiple motors
  • ariable pivot angle over 360°
  • Multiple pivot-angle positions, easily adjustable
  • Variable arm position
  • Versatile saddle mounting positions
  • Reduced weight compared to a pneumatic unit resulting in Energy savings
  • Two operating modes: Programmed setting and continuous operation
  • Fully adjustable - Programmable adjustment of pivot angle/positioning
  • Constant torque independent of opening angle
  • Early cycle release possible - with Controlled acceleration and deceleration and Self-locking
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