Advanced Engineering Services

Destaco offers a wide range of Advanced Engineering epertise. Our team of experts can assist you with your application needs, through

  • Optimize cam motion
  • Customizing indexers designs
  • Assist iinselecting the right product, size and model


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Things to consider when sizing your Indexer:

  • Load Inertia
  • Load Torque
  • Index Time,
  • Dwell Time
  • Parts Per Minute
  • Number of Stops
  • Method of cycle, fixed or cycle on demand

Our experts will work with you to provide the right:

  • Model Number of Product
  • Reducer
  • {Brake) motor
  • Controller / Driver
  • CAD Model of Unit
  • E-Stop Analysis
  • Motion Output curves

Some Specific Examples of Selecting the Right Model Include:

Index Drives


Cam-driven index drives have two basic elements: a cam attached to the input shaft (camshaft) and a follower wheel attached to the output shaft.  For one complete turn of the cam at constant speed, the output will move a fixed amount and then dwell.  The movement of the output is totally mechanical and is controlled by the cam motion profile.

The units are designed to propel dials and conveyors and have through hole for electric and air lines.

 Servo Drives


An index drive without a dwell.  Essentially a cam gear with a constant ratio between the input and output.  The movement of the output is controlled by the servo motor’s controller.  Servo driven indexers are used in applications where flexibility, zero backlash and high efficiency are required.




A two axes (rotary and linear) cam operated mechanical robot. Used to remove items from a feeder bowl and place on an assembly fixture.


Some Options to Consider for your Indexer:


Take advantage of Destaco’s Advance Engineering Services when selecting the right product for your application. 
Our vast knowledge and experience will minimize the time it takes to get your application up and running smoothly.


Send us a quick message regarding the assistance you need, and we will get back to you by email or phone.



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