BodyBuilder™ End Effectors

BodyBuilder™ is a modular, adjustable end effector solution engineered for heavy duty applications. The flexibility of the system allows modifications to the end effector in minutes, greatly reducing start up time to launch. The "no slip joint" design guarantees the end effector will stay in position even in the harshest of applications.

Review our BodyBuilder™ Section and Transition Blocks for Body Shop Tooling Guide to learn more or contact us today to share your application goals and specifications with our engineers!


BodyBuilder™ Extrusions


BodyBuilder™ End Flange Clamp Mounts


BodyBuilder™ Heavy Duty Mid-Mounts

BodyBuilder™ End Mount Assemblies 


BodyBuilder™ Octagonal T-Clamp Brackets


BodyBuilder™ Swivel Arms


BodyBuilder™ Gripper Mounts

BodyBuilder™ Angular Bracket Elbows 


BodyBuilder™ Mid-Mounts


BodyBuilder™ Pedestal Hold Tables


BodyBuilder™ Steel Nest Pad Guides

BodyBuilder™ Accessory Mounts 


BodyBuilder™ Transition Brackets & Blocks


BodyBuilder™ Octagonal Tooling Bayonets


BodyBuilder™ Sensor Mounts