Carver Clamps

DESTACO Carver Clamps are used in a wide variety of applications including welding, open set-up machining, manual die clamping, general surface machining and rapid job change-over. DESTACO Carver clamps represent a great improvement over the ordinary "C" clamp. Because they are made up of two major components - frame and moveable jaw - creating a much sturdier hold vs. the common style "C" clamp. Work is held securely by both jaws, not one jaw and a screw. DESTACO offers the following types of Carver clamps: Bar style, Buttress style, C-style, T-slot style.




  • Bar-Style and C-Style are rugged clamps, made from high-tensile, heat-treated steel. Designed for all types of applications requiring large holding capacities. from 1,250 to 6,000 pounds [5.5 26.7kN].
  • Bar-Style clamps are highly versatile. Jaws can be reversed, or multiple jaws can be used on the bar for multi-positioning clamping
  • Buttress style clamps are designed for thin or low-profile workpieces replacing ordinary strap clamps.
  • Buttress style clamps feature a self-aligning swiveling pivot.
  • T-Slot style clamps are designed with a single-unit clamp head and base - clamp is one single assembly – there are no loose parts.
  • T-Slot style clamps provide rapid height adjustment and positive holding



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