FL-160 - Variable Stroke Straight Line Action Clamp

Model: FL-160

Category: Variable Stroke

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Variable stroke plunger clamp with front flange mount body

  • 2,000 lb. Capacity
  • Can accept plunger strokes of 100 mm - 300 mm
  • 4 mm clamping stroke
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 9,000
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf) 2,020
Plunger Travel (mm) 100, 200, 300
Plunger Travel (in) 3.94, 7.87, 11.81
Plunger Height (mm) 28.0
Plunger Height (in) 1.100
Operating Method Two-Hand/Plunger-Hand Lever
Clamping Force With (N) 100
Operating Force (N) 2,500
Rapid Stroke (mm) 100, 200, 300
Max Clamping Stroke (mm) 4.0
Base Mounting Style Flange
Order Plunger Separately? Yes
Weight (kg) 1.13
Weight (lb) 2.49
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