Hook Pin Clamps

The 82P-720 Series pneumatic pin clamps feature an enclosed and narrow design, with single-sided or double-sided clamping hook.


The DESTACO 82P-50-800 Tolerance-Compensating Pin Clamp holds sheet metal parts with different thicknesses, securely and without the need for shims.

The Tolerance Compensating Pin Clamp holds sheet metal parts of different thicknesses (up to 6 mm) without the need for shims.

  • Tandem cylinder design for high clamping force
  • Self-locking ball mechanism ensures locking at all thicknesses
  • Variety of pins and hook sizes to meet customers needs
  • Sealed and protected against contaminants
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Product Details Unit View:
Clamping Force (lb) 124.0
Weight (lb) 7.05
Operating Pressure (PSI) 87 (maximum)
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.97
Clamping Force (N) 550.0
Weight (kg) 3.2
Operating Pressure (bar) 6 (maximum)
Cylinder Bore (mm) 50
Product Function Clamping
Product Type Compensating Hook Pin
Product Series 82P-720