Pneumatic Power Clamps

Destaco's lateral arms for 82M-3, TCC, and 52H-3E power clamps.


DESTACO's lateral (NAAMS-style) arms for 82M-3, TCC and 52H-3E (63mm for D0 Clamp Arm Shaft Option) power clamps are designed with 11mm Thru Hole (8.00 F7 Dowel) and 135mm [5.31”] Arm Length.
  • Clamp Arm for 82M-3, TCC and 52H-3E power clamps.
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Arm Offset 70
Arm Offset 70
Clamp Arm Length (in) 11.22
Clamp Arm Length (mm) 285
Arm Offset (mm) 70
Arm Offset (mm) 70
Used With Model/Series 82M-3|52H-3E |TCC-2E
Accessory Type Clamp Arm
Thru Hole (mm) 9
Product Series NAAMS Power Clamp Arms
Product Type Clamp Arm
Product Function Clamping
DistributorGroup Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
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