Hold Down Clamps

Destaco’s 501-B Series vertical, weldable hold down toggle locking clamps feature a modular design, weldable clamping arm, and hardened pivot pins/bushings.


These optional handles for heavy duty clamps can be attached to meet the specifications of the application. They allow the designer complete flexibility.
  • Handle (red) for 501 Clamp
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Handle Diameter (in) 0.24
Handle Length (in) 2.4
Handle Diameter (mm) 6.0
Handle Length (mm) 61.0
Application - Food Processing Not Recommended
Used With Model/Series 501-B|501-LB
Duty Cycle 3
Accessory Type Handle
Application - Assembly Excellent/High
Standard Material Steel
Application - Checking Fixtures Fair/Medium
Application - Closures Poor/Low
Product Series Clamp acessories
Application - Machining Poor/Low
Application - Wood-Working Poor/Low
Product Type Clamp Accessories
Application - Welding Excellent/High
Product Function Clamping