Hold Down Clamps

Destaco’s 503-mb Series vertical, weldable hold down toggle locking clamps feature a modular design, weldable clamping arm, and long base.


These optional handles for heavy duty clamps can be attached to meet the specifications of the application. They allow the designer complete flexibility.
  • Handle (red) for 503 Clamp
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Handle Diameter (in) 0.71
Handle Length (in) 5.1
Handle Length (mm) 129.5
Handle Diameter (mm) 18.0
Product Series Clamp acessories
Product Function Clamping
Application - Machining Fair/Medium
Application - Wood-Working Poor/Low
Product Type Clamp Accessories
Application - Checking Fixtures Fair/Medium
Duty Cycle 3
Application - Welding Excellent/High
Application - Food Processing Not Recommended
Application - Assembly Excellent/High
Standard Material Steel
Used With Model/Series 503-MB|503-MBLSC|505-MB|505-MBLSC|506-MB|506-MBLSC
Accessory Type Handle
Application - Closures Poor/Low