Clamping Solutions Offer Expanded Flexibility

Auburn Hills, Michigan (Wed, 09/05/2018) – Destaco’s VV85G Series Precision Guides provide users increased operational reliability in applications such as sheet-metal welding for automotive body-in-white.

Besides welding, they have also been tested for use in assembly and quality-test fixtures in the aircraft and consumer goods industries.

The units have the same mounting-hole pattern as power-clamp products and are suitable for applications where widely extending pins need to be used to locate parts.

This also makes them ideal for applications where multiple parts are produced on a single production line where clamping and locating points are situated in different positions.

The precision guides feature high repeatability, integrated sensing and mechanical locking in both terminal positions, which improves user safety. They have an enclosed body that protects the internal mechanism and are maintenance-free for 3 million cycles.

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