Manual & Pneumatic Workholding Clamps

material handling clamps

DESTACO material workholding clamps are built to meet the most demanding requirements, to keep your workpieces in place. Workpieces need to be held in a specific position using a specific amount of force in the shortest period of time. Once the workpiece is clamped, the processing of it is usually carried out. This means that the following tasks must be fulfilled using DESTACO Manual, Pneumatic, Pneumatic Swing, Pneumatic Lever, Aerospace, and Hydraulic Workholding Clamps including:

  • Quick clamping
  • Secure holding
  • High clamping forces in a variety of space requirements
  • Distortion-free clamping of the workpiece
  • Good accessibility to the workpiece

Workpieces are clamped in nearly all applications of a manufacturing environment. In the metalworking industry, reliable workhold clamping is a basic requirement for drilling, welding, bending, grinding, testing, assembling, etc.

In a hurry? Contact us and share your application specifications, then our clamping experts will help guide you towards the best unit for your situation!

Varieties of Manual & Pneumatic Clamps



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