Clean Rapid Transfer Ports (CRTP)

Safe. Clean. Flexible.

The CRTP is the cleanest and most flexible transfer system on the market.

CRL designed the CRTP as a transfer solution for life sciences applications where cleanability and cleanliness are critical. The CRTP utilizes the same Double Door Transfer System technology as our previous generation RTPs, but introduces new features for ease of use while offering more flexibility.

The CRTP design includes a new handle which utilizes minimal handle rotation to break the seal on the beta container, reducing operator effort for safer handling. It also features a streamlined interlock system with interchangeable beta mounts that can be replaced without breaking containment. The design has also been improved to eliminate exposed fasteners and incorporates a smoother surface for easier cleaning.


Flexible Door Options

The CRTP is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the most demanding transfer applications. Door configurations are largely application dependent, and to meet these needs CRL has several options available to provide even more flexibility.

 Stainless Steel Doors are typically used in radio-pharma applications 


Polypropylene Doors are typically used in pharmaceutical and powder transfer applications


Liquid Transfer Doors are typically used in filling line and liquid transfer applications 



  • Easier to clean: Smooth, clean surfaces, no exposed fasteners
  • Easier to configure: Flexible port door design
  • Easier to operate port door: Minimal rotation before disengagement. As the handle is turned, the interlock assists in breaking the seal — minimizing operator effort
  • Four sizes available:  105, 190, 270 and 350
  • Available in a variety of  configurations to meet the most demanding transfer applications.




Beta Mount Inserts
The CRTP interchangeable beta mount inserts can be replaced without breaking containment allowing never before seen versatility. 3- or 4-bayonet inserts available


Visit the Beta Assemblies page for information about CRL Beta Containers and Accessories for our Transfer Ports


(Isolator Wall hole diameter)
105 212mm (8.34 in.) 163.1mm (6.42 in.) 214mm (8.41 in.)
190 310mm (12.20 in.) 266.7mm (10.502 in.) 271mm (10.66 in.)
270 388mm (15.28 in.) 346.2mm (13.63 in.) 351mm (13.82 in.)
350 483mm (19.00 in.) 427mm (16.91 in.) 433mm (17.04 in.)



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