DESTACO's CRL 55 Gallon Waste Transfer System offers a safe and efficient 'bagless' means of transferring hazardous or toxic materials into and out of contained areas. This patent pending system has been engineered to allow rapid and repeatable transfers without breaking cell containment.

  • 自动化的端门和废物桶衬垫对接组装
  • 当废物桶接合和完全对接时,对齐传感器发出指示
  • 聚乙烯废物桶衬垫能够应对多个装填周期
  • 废物桶对接或开门时,无需额外对齐工具或提升装置
  • 作动器马达,电子部件和关键保养项目位于腔室的“冷侧”
  • 室内部件由不锈钢或阳极电镀铝制成
  • 接近传感器指示何时打开端门,以及何时接上漏斗
  • 触摸屏通过内置端门安全联锁实施控制 



步骤1: 定位环中心55加仑鼓被自动提升为对接。

步骤2: 鼓缸套凸耳然后同时旋转到位

步骤3: 鼓班轮接线片必须是完全接合,以使互锁传感器之前对接的完成。

步骤4: 滚筒衬里对接组件旋转,因为它依次锁定鼓衬里与对接组件 并将鼓盖转移到门口。 门口是 然后打开,鼓准备使用。


Operating Sequence:

Step 1: Alignment Ring centers the 55 Gallon
Drum automatically as it is raised for docking.

Step 2: Drum Liner Lugs are then simultaneously
rotated into place.

Step 3: Drum Liner Lugs must be fully engaged to
enable Interlock Sensors prior to completion of docking.

Step 4: Drum Liner Docking Assembly rotates as it
sequentially locks the Drum Liner to the Docking Assembly
and transfers the Drum Cover to the Port Door. Port Door is
then opened and drum is ready for use.


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