HTW - 6" Square Pedestal Hold Table Weldment

Model: CPI-HTW-450

Category: 模块化终端效应器(BodyBuilder)

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Pedestal Hold Table Weldment, when used with Mid Mount assemblies, servers as a pedestal base for a robust parts nest

  • 6" square Pedestal Hold Table Weldment when used in conjunction with Mid Mount assemblies serves as a pedestal base for a robust parts nest.
长度 (寸) 254,0
长度 (寸) 10,000
宽度 (寸) 254,0
宽度 (寸) 10,000
高度 (寸) 450,0
高度 (寸) 17,720
材料 Steel
安装方式 6xM10 x 1.50 thru and 2x10 P.F. dowel holes on 160 B.C.
产品类别 Hold Table
重量 (克) 37,97
重量 (克) 83,70

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