Model: DPE-200-25

Category: 电动夹爪

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With simple plug & play operation, no programming tuning or adjusting is required. "Light Switch" simplicity in a compact design for easy setup and no external control board.

  • Fast actuation (0.25 seconds up to 150 PPM), 25 mm stroke and 111N / 25 lbf grip force
  • 20+ million cycles with zero maintenance and 100% duty cycle
  • Electrically Actuated: 24 VDC power plus discrete input for open/close operation. "Light Switch" simplicity for easy operation
握力 (磅每平方英尺) 111
握力 (磅每平方英尺) 25
行程 (寸) 25,0
行程 (寸) 0,980
电压 (VDC) 24
温度范围标准 5° to 60°C (40° to 140°F)
启动(开/闭) 250 ms
精度(±mm) 0,051
重复性(±mm) 0,025
最大手指长度 (寸) 76
最大手指长度 (寸) 3,00
电源要求 (瓦特) 3
防护等级 IP 54
产品类别 2 Jaw Parallel
直接联系 Yes
整理房间 100
干净的房间与Scavange 10
颚操作 Synchronous
春季协助 No
重量 (克) 0,53
重量 (克) 1,16
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