Destaco's engineers partner with you to help increase your productivity!

With many years of experience working with OEM machine builders, we can make our product fit your unique application. We will partner with you to design the right product for your application – from altering an existing product to building a completely new product, we have the experience and expertise to help your project succeed. Destaco has dedicated resources to design and build your next generation of products.

When an off-the-shelf product can't handle it - we can!

Destaco helps you save time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core business and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Here are a few of the benefits that Destaco's customers gain from our customized workholding and automation product services:

  • Proven quality from the experts

  • Reduce risk by using our experienced engineers

  • Easy reordering with unique part numbers

  • Simplify your supply chains

  • Three levels of customization from simple alternations to complex custom products

Three Levels of Product Customization

There are three levels to Destaco's product customization services:

  • Level 1 - Basic product design with minimal modifications to an existing catalog product.

  • Level 2 - Basic Product design with signification changes, additional machining, or components.

  • Level 3 - Appreciably different from the basic product design by providing a unique design, unique construction, or multiple products assembled together.



Custom Product Types & Examples

  • Cams - Plate, Globoidal, Face-Grooved, Conjugate, and Barrel

  • Manual Clamps - Custom hooks, locking tabs, bolt retainers, grips, plating/coating, arm/handle extensions, plungers, and more 

  • End Effectors - Custom mounting, controls, coatings, sizes, tooling, brackets, and more 

  • Simplify your supply chains

  • Three levels of customization from simple alternations to complex custom products

Destaco's Custom Solutions & Products Portfolio

Thanks to over 100 years in workholding, automation, and in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry - Destaco's application and product engineers are able to draw on a wealth of past project experience. Because specialized automation crosses so many markets and industries, we've made versatility a priority throughout our custom engineering services.

Here are a few examples of past applications that we've executed for our clients:

  • Consumer Goods - A paper-product producer had a goal to increase their production rates by over 25% and safeguard vulnerable cams within their current application design. Destaco custom product specialists addressed these needs by creating a self-contained indexer that featured ancillary motions. The indexer drove a belt and pulley using only a single power source. This design was then mounted to a chassis. The result was a fully-housed design that met the client's productively goals, while also reducing maintenance on indexers.

  • Food Processing & Packaging - Due to the prevalence of conveyors in the food processing/packaging industry, Destaco experts are knowledgeable in how to execute a wide range of applications. For example, clients oftentimes seek a cost-effective alternative to the automated guided vehicles incorporated within their existing conveyor-based application. Destaco typically addresses that needs with heavy-duty precision link conveyors that feature a carousel design, combined with Camco indexers. With these types of systems mounted onto a welded base frame, clients have enjoyed a system-wide cost savings of over 25%. (for a 9-station configuration)

  • Linear & Rotary Pick-and-Place - A popular application across several markets is the removal of items from a feeder bowl and then placing those items on an assembly fixture. Destaco's automation specialists have designed many applications that achieve this outcome by utilizing a two-axis, (rotary and linear) cam-operated mechanical robot. Our portfolio also includes applications that required lift-and-transfer along a "U" motion.  

Follow these two links to learn more about, and see examples of, our customized products and custom partnered solutions or contact us today to share your application goals with our team of experts!


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