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DESTACO's CAMCO iQue Conveyor is a modular, scalable, intelligent conveyor system powered by iTRAK® Technology.

The CAMCO iQue Conveyor's iTRAK programmable linear drive allows independent control of multiple magnetically-propelled movers along a straight or curvilinear paths. Movers can be moved along the conveyor in forward or reverse motion at varying speeds, and in individual, continuous, batch and asynchronous motion sequences.

Benefits from the iTRAK® Technology:

  • Modular, adaptable and scalable for any application
  • Change between products and a push of a button
  • Upgrade easily by reducing complex tooling
  • Operate faster with less downtime
  • Reduce energy consumption through direct drive
  • 提高产出率 \\u2013 50% 或更高!
  • 通过即时编程实现更快转换
  • 更少的机器占地面积
  • 更高的线速和灵活性
  • 更少的定期维护

DESTACO CAMCO iQue™ 输送机的 iTRAK™ 可编程直线驱动装置允许对多个磁移动装置进行单独控制,使其沿着直线或曲线路径移动。根据客户的要求,移动装置以不同的速度随着输送机正向或逆向移动,并且支持单个、连续、批量和异步运动程序。







DESTACO's CAMCO iQue™ 输送机采用灵活的设计,因而输送机系统可以通过轴向或径向配置,实现水平或垂直方向运输。




90° 立式上下输送机




  65 mm 


  > 10g
 重复性   < 50 μm
 系统长度 12m/通道
 有效负载 仅受轴承和 F=ma 的限制
 认证    UL, CE
防护等级    IP65
   400 mm
电机规格 最大速度 最大力
  5 0 mm  > 5 m/s  264 N
 100 mm
 4 m/s  529 N
 150 mm  2.75 m/s  793 N



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