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One of the most significant days in the evolution of hazardous-material handling in industrial applications occurred in 1949. On that day inventor Ray Goertz first publicly demonstrated, at the behest of the US Atomic Energy Commission for use at its Argonne National Laboratory, his invention that would come to be known as a telemanipulator.

Four years earlier, three scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had founded Central Research Laboratories (CRL) and begun working on developing safer methods for handling hazardous and toxic products. CRL began developing command-remote telemanipulators that could be used for the safe and efficient handling
of nuclear materials by eliminating the need for the human operator to have direct contact with what could be extremely harmful and hazardous substances.

Since then, CRL has manufactured and installed more than 7800 telemanipulators in 22 countries. The company strives to continually improve and develop innovative transfer systems, glove ports, telemanipulator tools and power-assist equipment technologies.


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