Destaco’s RFE-11 Series of feed escapements features an automatic finger locking mechanism.

Model: RFE-13M

Category: 进料控制器

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The RFE series of feed escapements offer failsafe locking fingers, sealed design to prevent internal component wear, and built-in sensor mounting slots. They are the most effective mechanism for separating components fed from a track or conveyor.

  • High Speed - 60 parts per minute
  • Electrically Actuated: 24 VDC power plus discrete pulsed input for open/close operation.
  • Clean Room Suitable: lubricated with Krytox(TM) grease and protected with corrosion resistant shield.
Imperial or Metric Product Metric Version
行程 (寸) 31,8
行程 (寸) 1,250
推力 (磅) 400
推力 (磅) 90
压力范围 40-100 psi
温度范围标准 5° to 50°C (40° to 120°F)
启动(开/闭) 1
最大气压 (磅/平方英寸) 100
最大气压 (磅/平方英寸) 7
最大负载 (寸- 磅) 50
最大负载 (牛顿米) 6
产品类别 Double Finger
重量 (克) 0,83
重量 (克) 1,84
产品系列说明 Feed Escapement Single Acting
产品功能 线性定位产品
产品系列 幻灯片和推进器
产品组 进料控制器
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