These cylinders can be used to push or pull depending on the orientation of the ram.

Model: 020-013-031DE

Category: 液压夹具

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  • 10:1 mechanical advantage
  • Characteristic are the two steps of stroke: the forward stroke to move a certain distance and the power stroke with an amplified force on a short distance
  • Exact positioning of cylinder by flange mount on cylinder’s head
  • Cylinder works in any position
  • High durability because of solid and maintenance free wedge lever mechanics.
  • End position control by magnetic field sensing

Note: Operating pressure max. 6 bar [87psi], min 3 bar [44psi]. Use only clean, water- and oil-free compressed air. Piston rod is not secured against twisting and should not be loaded transversal.

力 (公斤) 5.473
力 (公斤) 12.066
行程 (寸) 16,0
行程 (寸) 0,630
运营压力 (酒吧) 200
运营压力 (酒吧) 3000
端口大小 SAE #4
产品类别 Piston Rod with ISO Fit
排油量(in³) 2,510
杆/螺栓直径通孔(in) 0,63
产品系列说明 Manual Power Source
产品功能 Clamping
产品系列 Hydraulic Clamping
产品组 hydraulic workholding
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