The Destaco 70101 Series pressure converter takes compressed air from the mains and converts it into hydraulic high pressure. Without this conversion, many clamping problems cannot be solved at all or only at high costs.

Model: 70101-1

Category: 液压夹具

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Compressed air from the mains is converted into hydraulic high pressure by these pressure converter.

  • Right-hand swing clockwise)
  • Advanced seals and wipers utilize a special, highly wear-resistant construction for long cycle life and 5,000 PSI operation
  • Triple track piston rod design for field adjustable swing direction
  • Hardened and hard chrome plated piston rod for increased strength and wear resistance
  • Advanced metal treated body for superior wear and corrosion resistance
  • MRO interchange design
转换比率 1:33
最大。压力 (酒吧) 230
最大。压力 (酒吧) 3.335
油量/中风 (centimeters5) 16,0
油量/中风 (centimeters5) 1
安装 Threaded Body
产品类别 Swing/Pull Clamps
摆动方向 RH
产品系列说明 Pneumatic Power Source
产品功能 Clamping
产品系列 Hydraulic Clamping
产品组 hydraulic workholding
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