For more than 50 years, Camco global products have been the industry standard for the highest quality cam-actuated, motion control products available.


50 年多年来,Camco 全球产品已经成为市场上最高质量凸轮驱动型运动控制产品的行业标杆。Camco 分度器和伺服驱动器有助于进行设备分度。分度是在精确的位置以精确的间隔启动和停止设备Destaco Camco 凸轮旋转分度器可精确移动各种产品和组件。较大的 E 系列分度器可在几秒钟内旋转数吨汽车车身零件,而较小的平行和滚子齿轮分度驱动器可在几毫秒内准确地对制药或电子元件进行分度。


As a Global company, DESTACO has customer service representatives based in your region, no matter where you are in the world. Contact DESTACO Customer Service in your region for technical assistance, repairs, field service and more

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