Destaco’s GTA Series of lightweight, tri-axis bayonets feature aluminum construction and adapts tooling to a rail receiver.

Model: GTA-30-150


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Product Details

GTA Tri-Axis Bayonet adapts tri-axis tooling to a rail receiver.

  • Simple, low-profile clamp design
  • Black anodized finish
  • 30 mm clamp with 25 mm tube
柱直径 (毫米) 30,0
柱直径 (毫米) 1
管直径 (寸) 30
管直径 (寸) 1.18
最大静态夹紧负载 (脚磅) 400
最大静态夹紧负载 (脚磅) 295
产品类别 T-Clamp
管尺寸 30 mm / 25 mm
重量 (克) 0,41
重量 (克) 0,91
产品系列说明 Other End Effector
产品功能 Robotic Tooling
产品系列 End Effectors
产品组 lightweight tooling

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