Destaco’s 8700 Series pneumatic lever clamps are designed for long life and feature a hard coated aluminum body.

Model: 8732G

Category: 气动杆夹 - 8700

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These compact and clamps offer a unique set of features that make them adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Lever clamps provide consistent forces despite minor part size variations and are engineered for long life and reliability.

  • The clamping lever may be re-positioned left or right (relative to ports) within the same clamp body
  • Easy through-hole mounting with optional jam nuts or with socket head cap screws through the upper flange
  • Lightweight, hard coated aluminum body
气缸孔 (寸) 32
气缸孔 (寸) 1.26
夹紧力@ 5Bar [72Psi] (磅脚) 285
夹紧力@ 5Bar [72Psi] (磅脚) 64
港口 G Ports
产品类别 Lever Clamp
更换密封套件 873200
空气口大小 G-1/8
空气消耗(每次双冲程5巴)(dm³) 0,230
空气消耗(每次双冲程为7 psi)(in³) 0,008
果酱坚果 873250
垂直夹紧行程(mm) 3,2
垂直夹紧行程(in) 0,12
身体线程大小 M50X1.50
产品系列说明 Lever Clamp
产品功能 手动、气动和动力夹紧系统
产品系列 标准气动夹钳
产品组 气动杠杆夹
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