Destaco’s 82L-2 Series pneumatic clamps feature a lightweight design, two mounting areas (front and back), and a Toggle-locking mechanism.

Model: 82L2G-203B8H0

Category: 气动夹钳

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Product Details

Enclosed power clamp available with and without hand lever. Three sizes are available for clamping, holding and positioning of metal sheets and other parts, mainly in fixtures and handling systems.

  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Variable height adjustment
  • For recessed mounting
开口角度 (度) 105
持有扭矩(最大) (脚磅) 75
持有扭矩(最大) (脚磅) 54
气缸孔 (寸) 25
气缸孔 (寸) 0.98
夹紧臂扭矩5巴 (脚磅) 25
夹紧臂扭矩5巴 (脚磅) 18
端口大小 G 1/8
夹臂式 U-Arm (Center)
配置 Horizontal clamping arm
每冲程5巴(dm³)的空气消耗量 0,40
每冲程72 psi(ft³)的空气消耗量 0,01
重量 (克) 1,10
重量 (克) 2,42
手柄 Yes
产品系列说明 Power Clamp
产品功能 Clamping
产品系列 Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Clamping
产品组 pneumatic power clamps

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