The fast acting clamps can generate clamping force from air.

Model: 035-225-290

Category: 气动摆动夹钳

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SELECT line of pneumatic swing/pull clamps are designed for applications not requiring hydraulic power. The fast acting clamps can generate up to 50 pounds of clamping force from shop air.

  • Swing motion available in 90 degrees
  • Two styles of arms
  • Double-locked arm design is bolted to piston shaft and around shaft diameter for extra rigidity
  • Threaded body for mounting through fixture plates
行程 (寸) 26,7
行程 (寸) 1,050
气缸孔 (寸) 25
气缸孔 (寸) 0.98
夹紧力@ 5Bar [72Psi] (磅脚) 89
夹紧力@ 5Bar [72Psi] (磅脚) 20
安装 Flanged Body
更换密封套件 905516
摆动方向 LH
空气口大小 10-32
空气消耗(每次双冲程5巴)(dm³) 0,130
空气消耗(每次双冲程为7 psi)(in³) 0,005
旋转时的行程(mm) 13,7
旋转期间的中风 0,54
垂直夹紧行程(mm) 13,0
垂直夹紧行程(in) 0,51
传感器就绪 No
重量 (克) 0,25
重量 (克) 0,56
产品系列说明 Swing Clamp
产品功能 Clamping
产品系列 Light-Duty Pneumatic Clamping
产品组 pneumatic swing clamps
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