Destaco’s 353-53 Series pull action latch clamps are equipped with keep plate with tapered bolt assembly and are available in carbon or stainless steel.

Model: 353-65

Category: 推拉式门栓夹具

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Product Details

Parting Line Clamp

  • Heavy-duty cast clamps that are ideal for clamping directly on the parting lines of a mold.
  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes keeper plate and taperd bolt assembly
最大容量 (磅) 9.350
Maximum Holding Capacity 2.100
绘画运动 (寸) 12,0
绘画运动 (寸) 0,470
Max Jaw开幕 (寸) 65,3
Max Jaw开幕 (寸) 2,570
Ef:Af施加力:应用力 27:1
可得到 Yes
Toggle Lock Plus No
基座安装风格 Parting Line Clamp
钩型 Parting Line
守护板 353004
锥形螺栓组件 353908
产品类别 Heavy Duty
重量 (克) 1,04
重量 (克) 2,29
产品系列说明 Pull Action Latch Clamp
产品功能 手动、气动和动力夹紧系统
产品系列 手动切换夹
产品组 推拉式门栓夹具
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