Destaco’s CPI-PAT Series of thin wall aluminum tubing is available in a range of diameters, lengths, and weights.

Model: CPI-PAT-50T-12

Category: 端拾器

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  • Orbital design allows compliance to blanks within +/- 15° without having to make any automation, tooling or robot adjustments. [US Patent No. 4,662,668]
  • Elimination of compression springs results in long-lasting, reliable performance
  • HD Version provides added stability for heavy-duty applications
管直径 (寸) 12.7
管直径 (寸) 0.50
长度 (寸) 304,8
长度 (寸) 12,000
直径 (寸) 12,7
直径 (寸) 0,500
材料 Aluminum
室壁厚度 (寸) 2,16
室壁厚度 (寸) 0,085
产品类别 Heavy Duty (Double Pogo)
管尺寸 25 mm
重量 (克) 0,06
重量 (克) 0,13
产品系列说明 Booms, Tubing and Bar
产品功能 机器人端拾器
产品系列 电动夹爪
产品组 端拾器

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