84A2 - Cam Type Gripper

Model: 84A2YV80000000

Category: 板料夹爪

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Product Details

Application:Gripping, holding, placing, removing and transporting of metal sheets and other parts, mainly in jigs and handling systems.

  • roller and cam principle, self-locking at end stop position
  • add-on component and end position sensing available
  • fast opening and closing action
握力 (磅每平方英尺) 560
握力 (磅每平方英尺) 126
气缸孔 (寸) 25
端口大小 G1/8
关闭/开放时间 (毫秒) 0
配置 Fixed Lower Jaw
产品类别 Sheet Metal Grippers
Opening Angle - Upper Jaw 45
重量 (克) 0,65
重量 (克) 1,43
产品系列说明 Sheet Metal Gripper
产品功能 夹爪
产品系列 板料夹爪
产品组 板料夹爪
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