Also known as portable, or plier clamps, the jaws of the Destaco Squeeze Action Clamps are locked automatically when closing, as one or both handles are squeezed against the central position.


作为便携式或钳式夹钳,Destaco 挤压式夹钳的钳口能在闭合时自动锁闭,因为单个或两个手柄都朝中间位置挤压。大多数型号的钳口均由钢材落锻而成,大部分都配备 1 根或 2 根可调节夹紧头。大多数中型和重型挤压式钳式夹钳都采用 Destaco 松扣装置,便于单手打开。所有锻造型号均由热处理合金钢按照严格的公差经机械加工而成。挤压式夹钳具有夹紧快速、灵活的特点。

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