Destaco’s ARVR (Auto Release Venturi) Series of vacuum generators offers users the fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry.

Model: CPI-VSA-ARVR-750-G38

Category: 文丘里式真空发生器

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DESTACO's patented Auto-Release Venturi Vacuum Generator with a single air line offers users the fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry. Vacuum levels will reach as high as 27 inhg or -0.88 bar at air line pressures of 60 psi or 4 bar.

  • For applications with slick or oily surfaces or for destackers
  • Bellows add flexibility for minor misalignments
  • Triple durometer (TCT) style offers extra soft internal cleat to eliminate possible dimples on thin sheet metal
苹果核 (寸) 19,0
苹果核 (寸) 0,750
杯螺纹 (NPT男) 3/8 G
杯螺纹 (NPT 女性) 1/8 NPT
端口大小 1/8 NPT
安装 0.75 Apple Core, Right Hand
材料 Aluminum
形状 圆形
产品类别 Bellows
重量 (克) 0,11
重量 (克) 0,25
产品系列说明 Venturi Style Generator
产品功能 Robotic Tooling
产品系列 End Effectors
产品组 end effectors vacuum generators
苹果核 19
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