827 - Pneumatic Hold Down Clamp

Model: 827-SE

Category: 轻型气动开关夹

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Pneumatic version of clamp models 817-U and 817-S features dual mounting surfaces for maximum flexibility. Built-in flow control for smooth operation, magentic ring piston for position sensing. Accomodates T-slot (8EA-109-1) or round (810169) sensors.

  • Dual mounting surfaces for maximum flexibility
  • Sensor ready for round or T-slot style sensors
  • Built-in flow restriction eliminates need for external flow controls
  • Replacement Clamp Assembly: 827-S-LC
Lever Position
最大容量 (磅) 3.110
Maximum Holding Capacity 700
夹臂长度 (寸) 80,7
夹臂长度 (寸) 3,180
夹紧臂下方的高度 (寸) 99,2
夹紧臂下方的高度 (寸) 3,910
气缸孔 (寸) 40
气缸孔 (寸) 1.57
端口大小 G-1/8
应用 - 焊接 Fair/Medium
申请 - 装配 Excellent/High
占空比 Fair/Medium
工作温度 -10° to 90°C (-14° to 194° F)
产品类别 Pneumatic Toggle Clamp
施加力(N) 2200
施加力(lbf) 49
空气消耗量(dm³) 0,83
空气消耗量(ft³) 0,029
更换密封套件 810450-40-1-0
重量 (克) 2,14
重量 (克) 4,71
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