If your clamp application warrants concerns over accidential or unintentional opening, then a DESTACO® Toggle Lock Plus clamp is right for your job!

We have taken several of our most popular toggle clamps and have added a locking release lever for improved safety. The locking release lever helps ensure that the over-center locking condition is maintained. In order to unlock each clamp, the locking lever must first be released. The additional locking feature expands the range of applications where Destaco clamps can be used.

How Toggle Action Worksexampletogglelockplus

Toggle action clamps operate through a linkage system of levers and pivots. The fixed-length levers, connected by pivot pins, supply the action and clamping force. Toggle action has an over-center lock point which is a fixed stop and linkage. Once in the over-center position, the clamp cannot move or unlock unless the linkage is moved. All types of toggle clamps have this same action, just oriented differently.

Browse the Destaco clamps below that feature DESTACO® Toggle Lock Plus, view our technical documentation, or contact us to learn more!


All Vertical & Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps


2002 & 2007 Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps


2010 Vertical, Manual Hold-Down Clamps


2013 Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps



235 Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps



2017 Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps


2027 Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps


207 Manual, Vertical Hold-Down Clamps


210 Manual, Vertical Hold-Down Clamps


225 Manual, Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps



305, 307 & 309 Manual, Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps


5000 Heavy-Duty Hold-Down Clamps


3013 & 3051 Pull Action Latch Clamps


323, 331, & 341 Pull Action Latch Clamps


324, 334, 344 & 374 Pull Action Latch Clamps


330, 351, 371 & 381 Pull Action Latch Clamps


375 Pull Action Latch Clamps


385 Pull Action Latch Clamps


All Straight Line Action Clamps


5000 Hold-Down Action Clamps


6004 Straight Line Action Clamps


6015 Straight Line Action Clamps


603 & 608 Straight Line Action Clamps


630 Straight Line Action Clamps


640 Straight Line Action Clamps