Designed to minimize down time and maximize cost savings for life sciences applications

Gloveport with DURABLE Accordion SleeveCRL DURABLE™ Glove Sleeve Systems are used in conjunction with fixed glove ports. The DURABLE™ sleeve allows the glove reach to be extended when in use, collapsed when not in use and minimizes the weight of the glove on the operator’s arm.

  • DURABLE™ Accordion Sleeves are made of polyurethane and CSM for high durability and puncture and chemical resistance
  • Available with push-through wrist cuff ring for safe, fast short glove change or fixed compression fit wrist cuff ring
  • The short glove can be replaced independently of the DURABLE™ Accordion Sleeve to maximize cost savings
  • Available in round and oval configurations
  • Can also be customized to fit any current port configurations
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