Utilize our experienced Engineering Team to design and develop that special component or feature that will make your application hum.  The following falls easily within our wheelhouse:

  • Solid Model Design & Development

  • Special Rotary Indexer Development Including:
    • Housings
    • Input & Output Shafts
    • Dial Mounting Surfaces
  • Special Linear Conveyors Including:
    • Link Configurations
    • Tooling Plates, & Line Shafts
    • Medical, Industrial, & Heavy Duty
    • Pulley, Coupled, & Direct Drive
  • Special Bases for Indexers & Conveyors
  • Accessories Including:
    • Gear Reducers
    • Motors
    • Clutch Brakes
    • Overload Clutches
    • Dial Plates
    • Linear Parts Handlers


Examples of Special Engineering Components are:

Special Bases

Special Housings


Conveyor Links

 Dial Plates

Take advantage of Destaco’s Engineering and Consulting Services when selecting the right product for your application. 
Our vast knowledge and experience will minimize the time it takes to get your application up and running smoothly.


Send us a quick message regarding the assistance you need, and we will get back to you by email or phone.



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