Mechanical Rotary Indexers

Destaco’s RHC Series of EOA modular robot tool changers lead the industry with self-lubricating seals, pneumatic ports, precision cone positioning, and failsafe operation. A wide variety of utilities are available to quick disconnect, I/O, air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines. These models feature a simple locking mechanism, high weight to payload ratio in the industry, and hard anodize for improved wear over long periods.


Modellreihe ansehen:
Produktdetails Geräteansicht:
Max. Drehmoment (in-lb) 1200
Max. Werkstückgewicht (lb) 130
Gewicht (lb) 0.82
Gewicht (kg) 0.37
Max. Drehmoment (Nm) 136
Max. Werkstückgewicht (kg) 59
Produkt Typen RHC Werkzeugwechsler
Produktfunktion Robotertooling
DistributorGroup End Effectors
Produktreihe Automatischen Werkzeugwechsler - RHC
PublishedDate 1670273330000
Distributor Group - DE Endeffektoren
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