VERSA® is not just a new telemanipulator, it is the culmination of decades of designs and new innovative development.

New Three-Piece System

Versa Telemanipulaor with VR8 Handle SystemVERSA® is the latest CRL telemanipulator to be introduced to the remote handling industry. It aligns with CRL's commitment to continuously improve and develop the best products available. We took your needs seriously to create and manufacture a product that is customizable to any application and designed with ergonomics in mind. VERSA® is truly our most versatile telemanipulator model and poised to be a powerful new product in the industry.

VERSA® is available in Medium-Duty (MD) and Heavy-Duty (HD) models to meet all application demands.

 VERSA® features available:

  • Variable Operator Height Adjustment
  • Ergonomically Designed VR8 Handle System
  • Easily, Removable/Changeable Wrist Joint
  • Versatile Seal Tube for interchangeable use with MD & HD models

Download our whitepaper on the new VERSA VR8 Handle System:
Getting a Handle on Improved Telemanipulator Operation

Varieties of VERSA Telemanipulator
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