DESTACO Introduces New Deepdish Series Vacuum Cups Designed to Significantly Improve Grip Performance on Highly Contoured or Oily Panels

Auburn Hills, Mich. (October 24, 2017) – DESTACO, the industry’s leading global provider of precision movement, positioning and control solutions in industrial automation, is leading the way in vacuum-cup innovation with the introduction of its new Deepdish Series Vacuum Cups, which are designed to maximize grip performance on contoured and oily surfaces.

The new DESTACO Deepdish Series Vacuum Cups feature an all new bell-shaped body design, available in three sizes, 65, 90 and 110 mm. Unique, molded-in gussets prevent the cup edges from rolling up on convex surfaces while the thin, pliable design and special inner tread pattern allow the cups to effectively adhere to flat, convex, concave, domed and oily surfaces for maximum grip performance.

“The addition of the Deepdish Series to our vacuum cup line instantly expands the number of applications and uses for our cups. These new cups establish a whole new standard of operational reliability, longevity and productivity for our customer’s pick-and-place parts handling needs,” stated Matt Girand, Vice President, Global Research, Development & Engineering of DESTACO. “We’re constantly striving to innovate new ways to help manufacturers improve their production processes, and the addition of the Deepdish Vacuum Cups illustrates this commitment.”

Another key attribute that sets the new DESTACO Deepdish cups apart from all others is the polyurethane materials-of-construction. Polyurethane provides superior wear-resistance when compared to rubber to promote longer service life and reduced maintenance. In addition, polyurethane will not leave any marks on handled objects and has fantastic elastic memory, even after hundreds of thousands of cycles. To top off this robust feature set, the new DESTACO Deepdish cups have a durometer of 60 (PU60, translucent red in color). The 60 durometer makes it easier to pick up highly contoured panels, while also being capable of withstanding the elevated shear forces that are created by increased acceleration and deceleration rates.

Mounting options include traditional 3/8” imperial NPT, 3/8” Metric-G and 1.25” square T-slot, along with a new lightweight plastic 3/8” Metric-G model. All mounts are interchangeable with existing standard mounts. Installation involves unscrewing the old mount and replacing it with a new one, at most a 10-second task.

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