DSR Series - Heavy Duty Servo Positioners

DSR Series Servo Positioners

DESTACO’s DSR Series is a low-profile, heavy duty positioner designed to handle payloads in a range of 2,000kg to 20,000kg.  This series is ideal for use in the most robust applications including welding and automotive.

  • Available in six sizes
  • Lubricated for life for minimal wear
  • Robust mechanism provides high acceleration
  • Features both a center thru-hole and a side passage.

The DSR Series utilizes a roller reducer mechanism which provides quick and accurate, high-capacity load positioning with zero-backlash.



  • High power to weight ratio
  • Large payload capacity in compact housing
  • Lubricated for life for minimal wear and maintenance
  • Robust mechanism provides high acceleration
  • Industry standard alternative mounting options
  • Zero backlash with direct motor coupling
  • Smooth operation using a precision engineered globoidal roller gear cam design
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