Patent-pending jaw design operates in tighter spaces

Auburn Hills, Mich. (August 18, 2015) – Destaco, the industry’s leading, global provider of high-performance automation and workholding solutions, today launched a new, innovative sheet metal gripper for its Accelerate® collection of lightweight tooling.

The new sheet metal gripper is faster, lighter and smaller than traditional grippers, enabling users to boost productivity on press room stamping lines. It also features a patent-pending, nonprotruding jaw design that eliminates the need for additional clearance around the stamping die set.

Weighing just 0.27 kilograms, the gripper is 50 percent lighter than traditional 1,000 N grip-force sheet metal grippers. When combined with other Destaco lightweight tooling components, the Accelerate gripper allows stamping operations to increase press transfer line speed without stressing existing automation equipment. Production speed is further boosted by the gripper’s fast 33-ms grip and release actuation time.

Innovative, cutting-edge features on the Accelerate press room sheet metal gripper include a modular body and a unique upper jaw that does not protrude below the gripper’s body in the open position, allowing for operations in a more confined space. The gripper’s 1,000 N grip force is equal to other grippers on the market, but its unique design consumes up to 70 percent less air per cycle to support green energy efforts.

“Customers are looking for ways to increase productivity, and three critical methods for achieving this are boosting speed, cutting weight and reducing the tooling footprint,” said Gary Labadie, global product director, grippers at Destaco. “Our new, groundbreaking Accelerate press room gripper delivers on all three. The sleek, intelligent jaw design reduces the need to cut away part of the press die because significantly less operational space for tooling is required. You won’t find this feature with other grippers on the market today.”

The new gripper offers three different sensor options. The bottom jaw features an integrated part-present sensor, while a sidemounted, double-blank sensor is easily adjustable and prevents incorrect material pickups. A side-mounted, optical-material sensor option works with all metals, including aluminum. Both side sensors can be mounted to either side of the gripper body for space or service needs.

The Accelerate sheet metal gripper is available with standard 30- or 75-degree opening angles. Customers can choose from a variety of sheet metal tips in single- or double-tip configurations, depending on the material processed in their facilities. Precise tip location is quickly set with the optional tip adjustment tool. Additionally, three clamp-loss protection mounts, ranging from 19 mm to 32 mm, are available to fit a variety of applications.

Destaco’s Accelerate collection was introduced in 2013 to give customers lightweight tooling options that can be used to increase automated press room stamping line speed. Accelerate end effectors are the lightest in the world, providing speed gains of up to 30 percent.

To learn more about the new sheet metal gripper and other grippers, visit or call 888- DESTACO (888-337-8226).

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