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DESTACO’s Complete Accelerate Digital Solutions System helps customers to not only speed up the design process, but reduce the amount of risk and cost associated with press downtime resulting from unforeseen collisions or issues, not captured in the typical design process.

DESTACO provides digital solutions for fast-paced manufacturing processes, designed to “Accelerate your Productivity”

Designer using Accelerate Vision VR systemAccelerate Vision Virtual Reality Build Tool

Accelerate Vision logoUsing DESTACO's Accelerate Vision VR Build Tool at the beginning of the design process helps reduce the number of interactions needed, resulting in less die and end effector tooling changes, shortening the process, while providing additional analysis and accuracy.

  • Precisely build an end effector based on customer supplied model
  • Provide detailed information and data to die makers
  • Die makers are able to streamline their design and review process

DESTACO VR Design Process

Typical Design Process

Design SimulationDigital Design and Simulation

DESTACO is able to provide Volumetric analysis to assist in die design. Upon the die design review, DESTACO can create complete process simulations.

  • Key analysis and simulation, capturing interface positioning
  • Collision checking of die, press, automation, and tooling
  • Digital simulation using DELMIA
  • Maximize press speed

Robot assisted build and validationRobot Assisted Build and Validation

DESTACO can move on to accurately build and validate the end effector tool utilizing robot-assisted production cells. With the help of the robot, DESTACO can increase the precision in which parts are built.

  • Laser validation confirms all measurements and compliance with approved designs
  • Installation using  own physical simulation and install teams
  • No need for stage sample or 2D drawings

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